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According to Jesmer, chemotherapy is no longer the Darth Vader in the medicine chest. “Some people have a hard time, there’s no question about that,” she says, “but nobody should think that dying is preferable to chemo. Because that’s the real issue. In almost every case, here’s the bottom line: if your medical team says you need chemo and you refuse, you’re cutting your chances to close to zero.

“Chemotherapy just isn’t that difficult to handle anymore. Over the past two decades, drug companies have come up with so many new drugs that target the side effects, that it doesn’t have the same terrible consequences as it did in the past. Many people continue to work, just like I did. If I didn’t tell people I was on chemo, they never would have known. If you lose your hair, wigs are cheap and cute. And when you’re finished with treatment, it grows back. Best of all, you get up off the floor, so to speak, and go on with your life.”

Jesmer’s book targets patients, their families and their caretakers, and offers ways of coping with some of the side effects with techniques that worked for others who went through the process and came out the side.


"What a breath of fresh air! This is a must-read for anyone negotiating the healthcare maze. Ms. Jesmer chronicles her journey with resilience, strength, and sense of humor. For those patients, families, loved ones, and friends who need a practical, optimistic primer designed to inform and educate, Ms. Jesmer’s empathic prose is a unique perspective on the cancer experience."

Moira L. Tannen, RN, C WCC, LNHA

“I’m Hot!…and I’m Bald!” CHEMOTHERAPY FOR WINNERS will quickly become the “go-to” reference for people with cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and organ transplants, who are going through chemotherapy, and for those in their lives who care for them. It is a real book, about real people and real situations, as well as many wonderful suggestions and referrals. I know it will be something I personally recommend for my own patients during their journey with cancer."

Lisa Hineman, MSN, RN, AOCN, PHN, ANP-C Adult Oncology Nurse Practitioner Los Angeles Hematology/Oncology Medical Group

"As the mother of a brain cancer patient, a survival guide to chemo like this book is not a luxury, it is essential."

Bonnie Powers
Malibu, California

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