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Chemotalk Newsletter, Vol. 100 August 1, 2016

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Hello, Everybody!

This being the 100th issue of the Chemotalk Newsletter, it seems like a good time to clarify the changes that I've made, and will continue to make, in an effort to keep us as well informed as possible about health-related issues.

As some of us enter the health care system for the first time, we are really clueless.  We will get much of the information we need from health professionals, but I believe the more you know, the better equipped you are to get what you need.  For example...Ever wonder why your doctors often fax test results to other doctors, instead of sending the information by Internet?  It's most probably because your doctor's computer system doesn't "speak the language" of the other doctor's system.  Maybe all you get from a piece like that is an "Oh, that's why!" moment.  But those moments can add up and make the mysterious world you've entered a little less intimidating.


The focus of Chemotalk Newsletter will remain chemotherapy.  It's a huge topic and it is changing rapidly, with plenty of information to share.  But coverage will include other treatment options - biologics and immunology, for example - both of which are used either alone, or in combination with chemo.  There will be the occasional first-person experience, either from the point of view of the patient, or from the doctors, researchers, or nurses.

In short, anything pertinent or interesting that isn't widely disseminated by other outlets, will be included here.  And if there's some topic you would like investigated, please let me know.

One last thing...

In honor of this milestone, I'm taking the month off!  Enjoy your summer and stay well.

                                    * * *

See you next month...


And if you have any thoughts of how this newsletter could be improved, please email me directly, at

Elaine Jesmer

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