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Maybe it’s dangerous to use this space to vent about personal issues, but I’m taking the chance on this one topic – language – because it keeps coming up.

On this blog, as long as participants don’t make threats, don’t incite anti-social behavior, don’t straight-out lie (I think that pretty much covers the “don’t”s), they can say what they want and use whatever language in which they feel comfortable expressing themselves.

When I was first diagnosed, I went on a live chat.  Within two sentences, I was thrown off.  I was so naive I thought there was some mistake, so I went back on.  This time, I was thrown out again – but not before someone else made the comment “Why is she getting thrown off?”  I didn’t swear, I didn’t do anything un-pc, I just expressed a point of view that the Mean Girls didn’t like.  It was like being back in high school.

This week, a site I visited posted a comment from somebody who took offense at another person’s jokey response.  As a result, the Insultee asked the site to somehow block the Insulter’s messages from coming through to her email.  Quoting Whoopie Goldberg again: W…T…F!

We’re all adults here.  The point of this, or any forum, is to feel free to express opinions without censure.  I’ve worked in the media for over 50 years.  I was in the house the day Kennedy debated Nixon and changed the face of politics.  After these many years, I’ve become attuned to the subtle subtexts of phrases that many people take at face value, as well as the ways in which we’ve limited communication by insisting that nobody be “offended”.  I find that to be one of the greatest offenses of all.

Anyone who wants to voice an opinion here is not only welcome to do so, he or she is encouraged to, using whatever language they choose.  If you agree, fine.  If you want to expand on something, go for it.  If you’re in a contentious frame of thought, let it fly.  If you have a question, I’ll find the answer, or a range of answers, so you can decide for yourself…

You get the idea.  Just participate!

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