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I do a monthly newsletter called “Chemotalk”.  My April issue is almost ready to go, but it was missing something.  I didn’t know what that was until I read an essay in today’s (3/30/10)  New York Times’ “Science Times”.  It’s by Theresa Brown, “…an oncology nurse and a regular contributor to the Well blog.”  I’m going to reproduce it word-for-word at the end of the column.

What Theresa says goes to the very core of why everybody loves nurses.  It’s why we love them even more than doctors, even doctors we love.  Nurses represent.  And it’s us, their patients, that they’re representing.  Whether or not you agree with Ms. Brown’s opinion, the thing you can’t miss is whose side she’s on.  That’s a remarkable quality, in the business world of healthcare.

I know a lot of nurses personally, but there’s something about oncology nurses that I can only describe as extra soulfulness.  They have to be able to stand the fact that some of us will be around for long enough to become friends of theirs, but they’ll be around to see some of us die.  That’s not easy to stand, but they stand it, and they help us stand it.  Ask an oncology nurse a question, and you better be ready for the answer, because these people shoot from the hip.  And they’re aces.

What we need are bumper stickers that say “Kiss Your Nurse Today”.

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