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Okay, here goes…

This is about chemotherapy, but it’s also about everything that relates to it.  That includes healthcare concerns, insurance coverage issues, drug company priorities, the people who care for us – doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. – and the people who live with us, or who just show up at the right time and take us out for a drive to the ocean.

Whoopie Goldberg said on THE VIEW this morning (I’m quoting loosely) apropos “American Idol”, ‘It’s not about the story, because everybody has a story.  It’s about the talent.’  And I think she’s right, in the instance of a television show.  But when it comes to chemo, the story DOES matter.  Our stories have within them the sparks, the words, the experiences that other people can take and use, to help them get through, or handle what can be a stressful, painful, confusing, frightening period in their lives.

I’d like to make this blog a forum for topics that matter to all of us. For example, as soon as I can get to it, I’ll post the disgusting experience I had at a well-respected medical facility, when I went to their ob-gyn clinic for a consult.  I’ll be doing it so that other women will (a) never go to that institution, if they can possibly avoid it, and (b) so that we can figure out in advance what we will and what we won’t tolerate, in terms of patient care.

I plan to blog every day.  And I would be pleased, encouraged and inspired if you tell me what’s important to you, so we can talk about it.

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