Our Mission


At any given time, hundreds of thousands of patients across the country require chemotherapy treatment -- and not just for cancer.  At this moment in medical history, chemo is part of the treatment protocol for multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and for anyone who has had an organ transplant – as well as for many different cancers.

I’m Hot and I’m Bald, Inc. is a non-profit created to sustain  “I’m Hot!...and I’m Bald!” CHEMOTHERAPY FOR WINNERS, a book designed to help patients going through chemo, and the families and friends who want to help them handle the side effects and overcome the fear that goes with the word “chemo”.

No one going through chemotherapy should have to pay for information about the treatment they’re receiving.  There is plenty of information available to anyone looking, about almost every disease or condition imaginable.  But other than “I’m Hot!...and I’m Bald!”: CHEMOTHERAPY FOR WINNERS, there is nothing  “out there” about chemotherapy, the treatment currently proscribed for so many people.

Any funds raised through I’m Hot and I’m Bald, Inc, will be used to update the book when necessary, and to print copies for sale in hospital gift shops, with the proceeds going toward extending the reach of the book to anyone who can use it.  Free of charge.

Our primary goal is to interest drug companies, insurance companies, etc., to buy the book in quantity, brand it “Compliments of ….”, and place it where patients signing in for treatment can pick one up.  Free of charge.  Until that happens, the book is available at Amazon.com and Kindle.

Contributions to I’m Hot and I’m Bald, Inc. are tax-deductible.  For information, contact elaine@elainejesmer.com.

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