Chemo Coaching

Yes, chemo is hard.  And it’s only one element in the explosion going on in our lives.  Something really is trying to kill us!  What we often don’t even recognize, in all the confusion, is the awful feeling that our lives are spinning out of control.  Sure, sometimes we’d rather not have any control.  Others are calling so many of the shots.  But we have more power over what happens than we realize.

But the truth is, it’s you in charge, not your disease.  You can make a lot of decisions, if you have enough information.  That can make your life easier to handle during this particularly tough time.  Some choices patients made that made a big difference in their lives can be found on the pages of “I’m Hot!…and I’m Bald!”: CHEMOTHERAPY FOR WINNERS.  But every case, including yours, is different.  Our chemo coaching looks at your case, and helps you find the answers that will make your chemo experience easier.  We often have more control than we think.  No disease can take that away.

Patients sitting in chemotherapy chairs have little to do but think.  So if you can learn something while you’re sitting there that will help you to think in positive ways and find solutions to your particular case, that information will have as potent an affect on your life as a drug.  You can learn to make these assets part of your personal arsenal.

Elaine Jesmer offers one-on-one “chemo-coaching”, when patients need it most.  For a week at a time, longer of needed, she can help people in treatment by answering their very personal questions, with the promise that she’ll get back to them quickly, with the answers she researches.  At the same time, and maybe even more importantly, she’ll teach them how to get the information for themselves.


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